Economics From The Perspective Of An Undergraduate

Economics opens a door of a variety of options including business, academic, and personal development. But, there’s a sinister side of the economics discipline. Especially courses and personal developments. To learn more, hop into details.

Expectations vs. Reality

Most economics undergraduates come into the program believing that they’ll learn economics including myself. But, in reality; students are enforced to study “neoclassical economics” prepared by Paul Samuelson instead of their diverse expectations. Moreover, lecturers will try to keep shut every argument against neoclassical economics. They’ll even shut you off by saying mathematical models are supporting their claims and the economic perspective tells them to do so. More frightening, most says that they have to follow the book even though they don’t have to.

Lack of other vital topics for economics

Most undergraduates get exposed to physics models explaining how economics work. Like all people are rational, all information is available in the market, and markets are perfectly competitive and all information is available, etc. And being expected to know when their lecturers ask them on exams. But, economics can’t be downgraded to mathematics and physics because the science of economics is a multidimensional discipline since 1776. Moreover, we need comprehensive sociology, psychology, biology, neuroscience, and computer science skills.

They don’t teach economics

Despite the claim that they’re important skills in economics; mostly, you learn physics models derived from studies of Newton and Lagrange that are stolen by so-called economists aimed to make economics like mathematics and physics. Even though there’re lots of advances in economics, psychology, neuroscience, and sociology. Still, they stick to outdated mathematical models that don’t reflect any sort of reality under the name of “economics”.

For outliers like me

Outliers generally look into multidisciplinary topics in economics like psychology and neuroscience. They can destroy every argument being taught in classes from sociology, psychology, and neuroscience. And tutors generally call them dangerous or they can fall in wonders.

What are your thoughts on economics education? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Blockchain, blogging, statistics, mathematics and R&D.

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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

Blockchain, blogging, statistics, mathematics and R&D.

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