Hybrid blockchain solution for corporate entities.

LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain to secure, verify and exchange critical information. Therefore, corporations can control what kind of people have access to various levels of information.

Most blockchain networks are either public or permissioned networks. Even though both networks separately benefit various…

Main liquidity provider for cryptocurrency markets.

Tether is a US dollar-pegged stablecoin. It is the first stablecoin to be driven to market by Tether Limited and its partner company Bitfinex. Tether has a dollar-backed stablecoin (USDT) and a gold-backed stablecoin (XAUT).

Tether USD (USDT) is a dollar-pegged stablecoin being minted…

The most commonly used type of cryptocurrencies.

Since the invention of stablecoins, cryptocurrencies have enjoyed considerable attention and alternative liquidity alongside more investment opportunities. In this section, we’ll explore what stablecoins are and how they affect the life of regular individuals.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are pegged to a specific…

Ata Tekeli

Blockchain, blogging, statistics, mathematics and R&D.

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